Red Peppers, Teddington



Description: Classic cheese & tomato pizza with fresh basil, plum tomatoes and mozzarella

Price: £5.75

Review: I can’t rate this pizza highly enough! The base is thin and rough around the edges; it tastes fresh and has been cooked well. I like the fact that there is only a small quantity of cheese, as it means you can taste the seasoning. The tomato sauce is fresh and well seasoned with basil leaves. The pizza is finished off with real plum tomatoes. Overall, a very tasty, light pizza that is colourful to look at too. You can tell that great care and passion have been taken over its making.

Red Peppers always has great service and friendly staff. The restaurant is warm and cosy and very family-friendly.

Rating: 10/10

Would I have it again? Yes! I have this pizza at least once a week and I am never disappointed! It is very fresh and light, and good value for money. Red Peppers is definitely the best pizza restaurant in Teddington. I’ve never found a pizzeria that comes close.

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3 Responses to Red Peppers, Teddington

  1. gerry says:

    Eggs Florentine Pizza
    A good value pizza that is a generous size. Not too cheesy and the tomato is fresh with some herbs and spices. I would recommend you having this made with “no oil” as I see no benefit of any oil added during cooking (apart from calories). Red Peppers is my best pizza place in Teddington.

  2. Dulcie says:

    Garlic Mushroom Pizza
    Love red peppers. Excellent value for money, constantly have a buy one get one free deal on too!

    I agree with this blog, the pizza is just right.

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