CantaNapoli, Teddington

CantaNapoli Margherita Pizza


Price: £6.95

Review: I was hyped to try this place as it’s brand new in Teddington high street and I’d heard it did really nice traditional Italian pizzas. I wasn’t disappointed- the pizza was delicious! The base was crispy, thin and crunchy, almost like a ciabatta bread. I liked this pizza because it wasn’t drowned in cheese. As you can see from the picture, just a piece of mozzarella has been placed on each slice. The tomato sauce was very rich and I could really taste fresh tomatoes, which was a pleasant and refreshing. The sauce had definitely been well tasted. Overall, this was a delicious light pizza that had much flavour, mainly from the tomato sauce. The fresh basil leaves on the top added much welcome colour and seasoning.

Rating: 9/10

Would I have it again: Yes, most certainly!

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