Bad Service at CantaNapoli Again

We dined in at CantaNapoli for the third time. The pizzas were good, but unfortunately the service at this restaurant let the whole experience down.

There were only 3 members of staff serving on a busy Saturday night. We were sat waiting for our drinks for ages, the food – and later the dessert menus – also took far too long to arrive at our table.

My mum ordered the Insalata Sedano E Cipolla side salad, which is described as “Tomatoes, basil leaves, celery shoots and red onions”. It was served with no celery shoots or basil leaves. When my mum asked for the basil leaves, the waiter responded in a way that sounded like “Err OK, I’ll get you some basil”.

We shouldn’t have to ask for something that’s already supposed to be there!

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3 Responses to Bad Service at CantaNapoli Again

  1. Julia says:

    Dear Alis, it’s very sad to hear that you were disappointed yet again with the service at CN. May I invite you with a friend for a complimentary meal at CN as well as for a cup of coffee with Isacco, one of the owners, to discuss your experience and give us a chance to improve and live up to the expectations of every our customer! Best regards, Julia, Canta Napoli

    • 3coursepizza says:

      Hi Julia,

      Thank you very much for your reply!

      It makes a big difference when you get personal attention from a business, and I really appreciate your offer for a complimentary meal at CN. I would love to take you up on that and dine with a friend perhaps this week, or next week?

      Would be good to have a chat with Isacco. I have a couple of suggestions for you!


  2. Julia says:

    It’s always good to have suggestions from someone who is passionate about pizza!
    Isacco is busy this week at CN Finchley but he will be available at Teddington next week. Perhaps you could suggest a day suitaible for you to meet him so I can personally make sure that he is there.


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