Ask, Barnes

Ask Pizza Margherita


Description: Mozzarella and tomato classic with Calabrian oregano

Price: £6.85

Review: I’ve only been to Ask once before and couldn’t remember the pizza very well, so I was really happy when my work colleagues decided to choose Ask on our staff night out. We went to the Barnes restaurant, which has a very pleasant location overlooking a green area.

I’m supposed to be rating the pizza only but I will say a little about the atmosphere. The waiter was fantastic- he was welcoming with a great sense of humour. He was also very flexible to those of us picky about the menu! The cutlery and dishes were really nice- the restaurant has definitely been thought out.

I had the Prima pizza which is the larger, thinner rolled out base so it would be more expensive than £6.85 but I’m reviewing it anyway! It came out very hot on a wooden board at a decent size (well, slightly small if I’m honest :P). First impressions were it looked a little plain- I couldn’t see any visible herbs and I’ve started to notice that I prefer my cheese a bit more melted so that it’s all over the pizza, rather than in little ‘blobs’.

I was really impressed with the tomato sauce- it was so rich and delicious, it tasted really fresh and strong! The sauce is probably one of the nicest I’ve had actually. Shame the rest of it let it down a bit. Yes it is only a margherita, but it still tasted too plain for my liking. The base was very thin which was nice, but it lacked flavour and could probably have done with a little more salt.

I think I prefer the mozzarella to come out all over the pizza, rather than in little circles all over the place.

My main disappointment was the lack of flavour. I couldn’t taste any “Calabrian oregano” at all. It’s a good thing the tomato sauce was so delicious, else it wouldn’t have tasted of much!

Rating: 6/10

Would I have it again? It’s not my first (or second, or third) choice… I really did like the tomato sauce though. Also, the pizza was highly priced at £6.85 for the standard size, i.e. not the Prima base.

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