Red Peppers, Teddington – A Now and Then Comparison

I visit Red Peppers every couple of months. I thought I’d make a ‘comparison’ post from my last post on 27 July 2010. It seems a lot has changed over the last year…





Description Then: Classic cheese & tomato pizza with fresh basil, plum tomatoes and mozzarella

Description Now: Simply tomato and mozzarella

Price Then: £5.75

Price Now: £5.95

Review: You can see from the photo how much their pizza has changed. The original margherita pizza was really special, and it looked it! This current version is a disappointment – it has a lot more cheese, less tomato and less colour. There are no fresh plum tomatoes and no fresh herbs. It’s a bit like dried basil has been sprinkled over the top. The current base is flat, whereas the previous was really light, fluffy yet crispy, and airy. Also, the current pizza tastes more salty – not overly salty, but I can definitely taste the salt.

Fortunately the ambiance and service of the restaurant hasn’t changed. It’s still up there as one of my favourite places to eat. The service is first class and the staff are brilliant. The restaurant has cosy, warming character.

Rating Then: 10/10

Rating Now: 6/10

Overall, a disappointing change to recipe and most likely a new chef? I think the two photos speak volumes. Just look how different they are and how bland the current pizza looks.

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