Il Casale, Hampton Hill


Il Casale pizza in Hampton Hill

Price: £6.80

Review: Il Casale is a new Italian restaurant in Hampton Hill, managed by Italians, so I expected the pizza to be authentic. I wasn’t disappointed. 🙂 The pizza was big with a thin crispy base around the edge. Unfortunately towards the middle of the pizza, the base lost its crispness and became a bit wet and soggy.

The pizza was covered in a medium layer of  tomato sauce and decorated with a couple of basil leaves in the middle. This pizza is definitely not for you if you love cheese – the cheese was lacking in this pizza. It was quite salty, so if you like a more delicate flavour this may not be for you either! However I really enjoyed the pizza – the tomato had a rich, dominating taste and it was big enough to be filling!

Rating: 7/10

Would I have it again? Friendly staff, nice restaurant, good value pizza but it wasn’t ‘finesse’ enough for me. There was too much tomato and not enough seasoning or cheese. I would have also preferred a crispier base all the way through!

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