Excellent Service at CantaNapoli

My friends went to CantaNapoli in Teddington for a complimentary meal on Saturday night. They thoroughly enjoyed their evening and said the food was excellent. The staff fell over themselves to look after them and the service was the “Dog’s Bollocks!”

Thank you Julia for ensuring they had a wonderful evening. I’m sure they will be back- and I will be, too. 🙂

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Bad Service at CantaNapoli Again

We dined in at CantaNapoli for the third time. The pizzas were good, but unfortunately the service at this restaurant let the whole experience down.

There were only 3 members of staff serving on a busy Saturday night. We were sat waiting for our drinks for ages, the food – and later the dessert menus – also took far too long to arrive at our table.

My mum ordered the Insalata Sedano E Cipolla side salad, which is described as “Tomatoes, basil leaves, celery shoots and red onions”. It was served with no celery shoots or basil leaves. When my mum asked for the basil leaves, the waiter responded in a way that sounded like “Err OK, I’ll get you some basil”.

We shouldn’t have to ask for something that’s already supposed to be there!

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The Hogarth, Teddington


Website: http://thehogarth.wordpress.com

Description: Rich Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella

Price: £6.25

Review: The Hogarth is a small, cosy pub in Broad Street, Teddington. I was apprehensive about going here as I generally don’t expect pubs to do good pizza, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was pleased to try a “famous stone-baked pizza”. I went on a Saturday evening as there’s a Buy One Get One Free deal in place on Saturday and Thursday nights.

First, I’d just like to say that the service was a bit poor, which didn’t give me a great first impression. The barmaid didn’t even realise there was a Buy One Get One Free deal on (the poster is explicitly on the window!) and charged us for two pizzas, until I pointed the offer out myself.

Anyway, besides that, the pizza was really nice. It was stone-baked, which means the base was very crispy- it was not at all like the bases you get at Pizza Express, Red Peppers or Canta Napoli. The base was thin and flat and not at all salty.

The presentation of the pizza was good. It came out cut in slices, with fresh tomatoes on top, and visible seasoning. All in all, it was pretty colourful. 🙂

It was tasty. The cheese was not at all overpowering and the tomato sauce was well-flavoured. The herbs were nice but, to improve it, you could put some fresh basil and oregano leaves on top, in addition to the dried ones.

My only concern is that the pizza wasn’t served very hot. It may have been left on the counter for a while before being brought out. I like my pizzas steaming hot, straight from the oven.

Rating: 7/10

Would I have it again? Definitely. Highly recommended for a pub pizza, and with a Buy One Get One Free offer, you really can’t go wrong! It was a welcome change from going to a restaurant, and it was a different type of pizza to that I normally eat. If you’re looking for something a little different, try the Hogarth.

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1 Metre Pizza at CantaNapoli, Teddington

Fantastic 1 metre pizza for lunch at CantaNapoli

CantaNapoli 1 metre long pizza

The service was very good this time. Hopefully the poor service I experienced at Christmas was just a one-off.

I recommend you go just to see a pizza this size!

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CantaNapoli – No Free Home Delivery as Stated on Website

Tried to order pizzas from CantaNapoli last week, to take advantage of the Buy One Meal Get One Free, which is nicely valid on take-away orders. 😉

I was informed by the person on the phone, after much deliberation with his manager, that CantaNapoli don’t actually offer free home delivery service as specified on the website.

I was also told that the Buy One Get One Free deal was invalid on take-away orders, even though the voucher on their website clearly states “valid on take-away orders”!

In the end I was told that yes, I could use the voucher and get myself two pizzas for the price of one. I’d have to collect them myself though.

I don’t have a car. I decided to stay in.

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CantaNapoli, Teddington – Poor Service

We went to CantaNapoli for the first time today. It’s lunchtime on Christmas Eve and we’re the first people inside at 1 pm.

The waiter took our order and we waited for our food. As we waited, another family arrived in the restaurant.

After 45 minutes neither our starter or our main courses had been served! I was highly frustrated, especially since the restaurant was practically empty. And of course, because it’s just opened in Teddington, you’d think they’d try their hardest to make an excellent first impression!

It really bothers me when meals aren’t served at the same time. My dad’s food came first, and 5 minutes later mine was on the table. I also noted that as the pizza came out of the oven, it was left on the counter for a few minutes, when really it should’ve been served immediately.

We were then pretty much forgotten about. Our drinks weren’t topped up (I had to keep asking), the waiter forgot to bring the dessert menu, and it took around 15 minutes just to get the bill.

Meanwhile, in the background, more people were arriving for lunch. I kept my eye on the consistently slow service all around me.

Disappointing service overall. A real shame since the pizza was great.

Fortunately I just found out they do free home-delivery service. 😉

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CantaNapoli, Teddington

CantaNapoli Margherita Pizza

Website: www.cantanapoli.co.uk

Price: £6.95

Review: I was hyped to try this place as it’s brand new in Teddington high street and I’d heard it did really nice traditional Italian pizzas. I wasn’t disappointed- the pizza was delicious! The base was crispy, thin and crunchy, almost like a ciabatta bread. I liked this pizza because it wasn’t drowned in cheese. As you can see from the picture, just a piece of mozzarella has been placed on each slice. The tomato sauce was very rich and I could really taste fresh tomatoes, which was a pleasant and refreshing. The sauce had definitely been well tasted. Overall, this was a delicious light pizza that had much flavour, mainly from the tomato sauce. The fresh basil leaves on the top added much welcome colour and seasoning.

Rating: 9/10

Would I have it again: Yes, most certainly!

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New Pizzeria, CantaNapoli, Opens in Teddington

CantaNapoli, which has replaced Restaurant Noel in the high street, had its opening night in Teddington last night (14 December). They were doing an “all-you-can-eat” special.

canta-napoli-teddington canta-napoli-teddingon-outside

All you can eat pizza

There seems to be an excellent range of pizzas on the menu, including the “Tonno” (tuna, capers, black olives and onions), which is my dad’s favourite so he’ll be happy! 😉

Canta Napoli Teddington menu

The margherita costs £6.95 for a 12 inch pizza. This seems quite expensive, but we’ll have to see what it’s like!

Has anyone been yet? What are the pizzas like?

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New Pizzeria to Open in Teddington

CantaNapoli will be opening in Teddington this month (as read on Teddington People). It already has two other restaurants in Chiswick and Finchley.

The pizzas will be made in a wood-burning oven and will be available by the half metre and the metre!

Can’t wait to try this place- a metre-long pizza sounds like a dream. 😉


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Scarpetta, Teddington – Update

As read on Teddington Town:

The sauce used on the bases of Scarpetta pizzas has changed to improve its flavour. The mozzarella used is the real thing, “cut in-house daily to retain moistness” (see the Teddington Town website for more details).

I’ll have to order a pizza again very soon!

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